more blessings!

LOL yes, we were complete and utter idiots for joining the competition on a heavy impulse triggered by our hunger for incentives BUT we weren't gutsy for nothing. WE WON. would you believe it, less than 24 hours of practice and we still won? God's daily miracles! yey! i totally had no faith and courage to perform that day bwahaha, i even entertained the thought of backing out cos we're really unprepared like heck. but God is good! i love this day! when i got home my feet hurt like crazy, i'm tired and sleepy so i ate and slept immediately. i alarmed at 10 to finish the tarps but i woke up 12mn ops, good thing jec was there haynakoo super big help. thank you! >:D yey, tulog na me! it's almost 3! >XD

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