masyadong masaya! >XD

why do i have a feeling that this cannot be? like i can't be too happy cos all of these could be taken away from me in an instant. >XO i can't be too lucky cos the universe demands balance and i could be robbed of equal luck the next days. anyway, why talk about luck. this isn't luck, these are blessings! and i'm just reaping them right (i guess?! or am i harvesting too early? >XO)! these are gifts, right. not something i actually traded anything for. e pano nga kung ano! waaaah. Lord, wag mo muna ko bawian. i need more of your blessings! thank you so much.  my golly, i wanna cry na. You are so good, and i am so blessed.

bye! >:D

PS. i wish i could be less nega yaknow. like. kainis eh. >XO pano kasi.

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