these boxes of coffee twist arrived at home last thursday while i was at iloilo. i guess i haven't told you about this but a few weeks back, some marketing staff from Universal Robina Corp. (URC) contacted me saying that they appreciated my review of coffee twist and as a token of appreciation, they're rewarding me 8 boxes of coffee twist. of course, being the ever so doubtful but nonetheless gullible dope that i am not to mention an extreme coffee advocate, i believed her... on the ground that she used an email using the domain. only legit employees have access to that. i think so. hehehe

anyhow. apparently it's true, duh the picture says it all. there are actually 8 boxes but when i came back terai already distributed a few of them (with my permission of course) so yeah, hello coffee! 192 bottles all in all bwahahaha. how cool is that?

many thanks to universal robina for stumbling on my blog and rewarding me with those. i mean, i'm aware that the product is most probably nearing its end of line and you're most likely just clearin your stocks and all. it's a good thing you thought of rewarding it to bloggers like us who really enjoyed the coffee. i wonder why it didn't hit so much. come on! it's one helluva good coffee! haha sarcasm aside dohhh >:)

yesterday was quite a lucky day for me! got a free hitch from school to east west regalado, then while waiting for a jeep to SM we spotted this bus...


Hybrid diesel and electric bus on test drive
and so my friend and i got a free ride to SMF yey! >:D then when i went down the bus, daddy called asking where i am, apparently we were both at SMF that time. so, yeheeeey for a totally cost free ride that afternoon!

then yknow, i thought i could push my luck a bit more so when i got home i like clung like a tarsier to daddy and told him, hey loser (it's a form of endearment for us lol), someone wants to court me! and he was like, hahaha you're such a loser! like anyone would actually court you for reallll. and i'm like HAHAHAHA NOT FUNNY! and then we're laughing all the way. he usually gets into serious mode with stuff like this specially when i'm still staying at LB... and i totally understand, he doesn't trust the place. but ohwell, it's cool to be honest. i was even wondering why, at freaking 20, i'm still putting issues like this under his jurisdiction. e bat ba, he's my favorite guy eh! and my mom was like smirking at the back like crazy. and terai was like, hahahaha late bloomers blooming! lol, she's one to talk no?

end luck.

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