a tragedy called 12th International Youth Day Celebration and Conference

LOL i'm too tired having to say the same tragic story over and over again. i've never rolled my eyes this much on something extremely disappointing. hahaha anyway, i'm not gonna tell you the whole story. FOR NOW. i'm too busy lol. but i'll get back to it, one day. it's kinda sitting on draft. maybe after a few days i've calmed down... and who knows if i might actually have something miraculously positive to say about it. key word: miraculously.

hahaha you might think i'm being too nega, saying shiz and bull that nothing good ever happened at iloilo. but really, if you were one of us who preregistered in hopes of getting priority accommodation but instead was thrown in a pretty decent, i might say, but cramped hotel in a shanty area with a supposed-to-be single room but is unfortunately transformed into tri-sharing.... a positive state of mind will not do you justice. there is a limit to the amount of optimism and understanding we could offer. and in this case, they went overboard. they sapped all my positive energy. my tolerance of substandard output was put to the critical level. in this event, i've learned something very very important and that is TO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN WHAT YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE. because the moment you do, you're getting even less than what you settled for. and of course, to not entertain anything from the UNYAP. it's plain crap. and every year they prove themselves well, i wouldn't mind an additional MDG that seeks to eliminate political animalism that leads to the corruption of the youth by ABOLISHING THE UNYAP.

i know there are some who enjoyed. and i'm not gonna ask for their understanding of why i'm behaving this way. nor am i going to take back every bullcrap i've shared about this event... i'm not even halfway vulgar. my blood boils every time i think about how disorderly and stupid the event was and everyone behind it. i'm not even gonna try to be diplomatic in this entry. i'm angry. LOL.

alright this is probably part 1. i'm sleepy. i've got an exam and craploads to do.
good night! sweet dreams. and i hate you too. >;)

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