Circle of Lights!

// i don't remember when this was but it's one of my favorite nights! >:D the entire family went to qc memorial circle to, ano ba, exercise? more like food trip! grabeeee the fountain and monument lights were so awesome, even my low def phone cam was able to capture it decently. that's how awesome it is. we haven't been to Circle for a looong time so it was surprising how it has changed so much and became more beautiful! yehey! and grabe the food, they're everywhere! terai and i totally marveled at it! ice cream! corn! isaw! lugaw! buko juice! it's a really super duper quality cheap place!

// random plug: Papa John's will open on SM Fairview on August 31, 2011! YEHEY for a more accessible Pizza Margarita!!! >XD

// by the way! i haven't been able to blog so much because uhm, nahihiya ako! WAHAHAHAHA for the past few days or weeks i only wanted to blog about one thing (plus a few street shots) but i can't. anyway. i'm in love! yun lang! and i'm happy! who's not when they are? it's cool when it's two-way! thank you Lord!

// so far, with the way school is going, i have to double my effort on accounting and thesis! fuuuudge. tsk. whew. >XO

// wow. ever since this semester started, i have lagged way toooo far behind my reading list that i'm actually considering (YET AGAIN) selling my books! i probably have like 10+ pending books to read and more than a hundred newsletters stacked in my inbox. my Paulo Coelho and Bo Sanchez labels on gmail are filled with unread mails when before, as soon as i receive em, i read em and file em! ugh. it sucks cos i know i'm not the most organized person and then suddenly i accept jobs like wonder woman.

// my anime watch list hasn't grown since vampire knight cos i'm out of good hetero recommendations! hahaha

// sometimes i wonder if i have to limit my happiness cos it may turn into bad karma in a snap and put me in sorrow next! Lord, wag naman! >XO

// next problem, OJT! where to work? who to work with? i so badly want to work someplace i'll ACTUALLY LEARN and at the same time be with my friends! options Lord!

// another problem, and it's the biggest. i'll be jobless for the entire year starting second tri!!! >XO which means i'm out of funds to pay the internet bill! >XO work work, i need to freaking wooooork! >XO

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