where's the rush?

i still believe this blog is a bit cursed such that if i put a to-do list here, chances are none of them are getting done anytime soon HAHA. but in an effort to fight the, uhm, curse...

1. study for profeth

  • gather notes from people who has them and engage in a serious power memory session later

  • 2. study for opesys

  • survey people on what they think is the real COVERAGE for the exam tomorrow. no one knows legit shizzzz

  • 3. write 3 reaction papers

  • one about the socncul field trip

  • one about contraceptives

  • one about The Net starring Sandra bullock, which i am yet to research on

  • 4. pray that this crushing (not the happy crush) feeling will end like, NOW NA! arghhhh what. insecurity kills! assurance is all we need! but.

    5. write an intent letter for my last assignment as a student assistant. >XO

    okay! time to //study

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