disc graveyard

here's a dead blank DVD-R. i thought i could save with buying generic discs for 8 apiece but no, turns out all of them are sick. can't copy data! right when i need to free a lot of space in my hard drive! so instead of throwing them, i drew on them, after all they're white! BWAHAHA dahil dyan! bibili ako ng colored pentel pens! >8D waaaahh exciting!

this is a friggin good concept. Doodle Discs! kamown! gagawa ako madami tas icocompile ko sila! yehey! sige, marami akong gustong gawin eh! yung STF, yung Memo Pad, tas ngayon mga CD! yey. kelan kaya!

tas gusto ko rin bumili ng tablet. grrr

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