yesterday, my parents renewed their marriage vows! it was an event hosted by the home builders ministry where my parents are part of. 16 couples made it on that night, and 16 couples went out like newly weds fully blessed by the essence of the renewal. yehey! it was an emotion filled night because of 2 things:

1. my parents! they were so sweet. i cried when i saw their pictures. they'll be on their 23rd anniversary this july! yehey!

hm, there was a slight glitch before the ceremony started, MOMMY DOESN'T HAVE A BOUQUET!!! >8O and we didn't want her to walk on the aisle flowerless, so daddy asked me to buy flowers at the mall. mega haggardnessss sobra! i was brisk walking along EDSA and the temptation to jaywalk is sooo... tempting. haha but i still used the over over overpass and ran to holland tulips. dyusko. of all the flower shops in SM North, holland tulips lang naalala ko, ang mahal pa!!! oyon, tapos the flowers weren't the wedding type so i had to ask kuya to arrange them for me. it took almost 10 minutes and i was in such a rush after that i ran back! as in i was running at the mall with pang-abay flowers. nakakatawa lang pero wth. siguro iniisip nung mga tao, late na ko sa pupuntahan kong kasal. totoo naman. >:|

thank God! because i arrived JUST IN TIME. akalain mo, i was out of breath and sweaty when i got to mommy. they were already lined up , and they're the first couple pa! i saw her holding 3 pieces of what seemed like borrowed mini plastic roses. i gave the bouquet and took out the pitiful roses. i can't bear seeing my mom walking with those. >:'(
yehey for the flowers! >:D
ayon. whew. okay naman. sakit ng paa ko. but everything's worth it. nakakaiyaaaakkkk. >:'''(

2. terai told me this friggin traggic story she made up about this bat roaming  around the church. so we were watching the ceremony and a lone bat was flying around the place tirelessly. then terai went,

"alam mo ba kung bakit di sya mapakali? kasi hinihintay nya yung asawa nyang bat. magrerenew din sila ng marriage vows."

then she went on with her story, of why the bat was flying anxiously. that bat and his wife were supposed to meet at the church for the event, the wife bat made it first but she got caught by the maintenance people who killed her and threw her body outside. they thought it'd be a trouble to let the bat be, it could pee on the curtains and it could poop on the stage. that was enough reason for them to kill the poor thing. the husband didn't know this so he kept on waiting, flying around, searching for his wife. This went on for years, the husband waiting and the wife missing.

then i cried so hard i had to cover my entire face because i felt bad for the bats and also, i just further ruined my eyeliner. terai must've felt guilty for making me cry so she continued,

"pero and hindi alam nung husband, nung tinapon yung katawan nung wife, may napadaang veteranarian. tas napulot nya yung naghihingalong she-bat tas ginamot nya! ui ginamot na!"

BWAHAHA tas tawa na ko ng tawa. sakto dumaan pa si pastor na naka white suit! so sabi ko, "terai, sya yung veterinarian!" but we both know he's a dentist pero pwede na rin. haha so the wife bat recovered and eventually, she came back to the church where his husband is waiting. kaso by the time she got back, wala ng event. but that didn't stop them from renewing their vows. and so they lived happily ever afterrrr! >8D

uhh, napaka-lame ng bawi but at least happy ending. haha ang sakit sa dibdib e!

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