i'm getting distracted

this guy's piano covers are to die for! exactly what i'm looking for! quoting a user comment, David Sides is 'The Black Mozart' LOL

whenever i listen to great musicians like him i always wonder if it's truly possible to sell your soul to the devil in exchange for killer prowess. LOL then i go about thinking i'm a female maksim! eh. he.he.he. wherever that myth came from, it did affect my perception on stuff like this. of course i understand there are truly gifted people and i wanna be one! bwahaha.

hey wait! please spare 20 minutes of your time to watch this incredibly enlightening speech about how education sucks out our creativity. it was really well said, and although i haven't seen myself complain to why the general academe was built to nurture just the left hemispheres of our brain (cos at some point i enjoy it), this made me think that's it's somewhat unfair that you know, we are bring graded based on something we're not inclined to.

but of course, there was never really a balance on the way things are taught to us. maybe because creativity is subjective and you can't just teach someone dance the way you teach him math. you know someone's good in math when he gets the answers right. but how about a good dancer? what is a good dancer? what is good? you'll never know and you can never tell. it always depends. which is probably why educational institutions are built this way. when people ask you questions, you always want to have the right answers. it's easier nurturing logic than creativity.

ay ewan. edi baliktarin! what if the academe was built the other way around? we teach people how to sing, dance, act and paint instead of math, science, english and home eco? i'm sure Sir will be asking the same thing. what about those who are good in math? HAHA anubeehh one moment i'm enlightened, tas the next time i'm skeptic na ulit. haha

wala talagang balance sa mundo. tanggapin na lang natin LOL. errrrr

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