learnings from yesterday >:)

I. oil pastels are made for poster making contests. nothing else.

II. the supposed to be "Intelligent" quiz bee didn't seem intelligent at all, the questions were vague, the grammar bad, and the schedule fucked up. i wish i could blame the sudden arrival of FEU President for this cos apparently she was the "cause" of why our schedules kept bitching around, but can i really do that? she's the president after all. every body let's bow down.

and when did HTML tags became case fucking sensitive? -__-;

i may be ranting out of bitterness that we could've made it to the semis if they didn't jump from elims to finals after 20 questions, but it was unfair nonetheless. any way you look at it bro. any friggin way.

where's the learning there?
wala! sasali parin ako! HAHA
they're the ones who should learn.

III. blue lemon is the devil. besides sucking up my wallet to bits, it makes me sick like 39C. but i still love it.

learning: no to blue lemon? i don't think so!

IV. i further realized that he was all pa-impress. can't you guys stay real? ~_~ i thought you're not one to lie about this. i never lied about it. >:| sus.

V. i'm sleepy and i feel sick, but i'm coming to school after lunch for that friggin attendance, then i'll probably work for 2 hours and leave.

now i can't leave for LB. fucking sad life it is.

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