when i created my email account, yanibirog, i was frustrated because i wanted it to be yanbirog but unfortunately it was already taken. i created a yan.birog but the dot looked awkward so i didn't use it. haha recently, or just a few hours ago, i logged into my email account and was shocked that my inbox has only 2 items (one from my boss and one from my classmate), and my labels gone! there were a few messages stacked on the trash and they  were emails from months back.

and then i realized! i opened the wrong account! i opened YANBIROG. wtf, so after all... that address was mine!!! nyek. but there's something wrong, when i pull down the sortof 'info tab' it says there that my email is yan.birog

ang gulo naman. i opened yan.birog, and it contains the same messages, settings, blah blah. nakakainis apparently, i think i may have created yanbirog when i was just starting at gmail but i went back to yahoo and blah, and when i decided to use for real, i forgot that i already created an account and thought that someone already has preferred username. ayon.

gusto ko syang gamitin ulet kaso i have to change a tedious amount of account settings in the different places i have an account with. haynakonamano. hmp

BWAHAHA welcome to yet another JM segment! right down the cuuuuut!
eto seriously ah, i've never mentioned this much about a single majorcrush. e wala e. ewan. overdue! HAHA
so awhile ago we were talking about books. you'd think it was smart talk but HAHAHA hindi naman masyado. wala lang talaga. so while in the middle of the conversation (key word: CONVERSATION. akalain nyo. i was having a nervous breakdown inside e pero uhm hindi naman yata obvious. basta alam ko malamig. haha) i received a text message from him.

shempre ako naman, haaa?
wrong send pala. >:\

<assume>BWAHAHAHA masyado mo kong iniisip JM. tsk. ultimo message para sa iba, aksidente mong naipadala sakin.</assume>

but quite frankly, i didn't like the message!!!! sana para sakin na lang talaga yon! ugh, whatever. HAHA
basta basta, kinikilig ako. bwahehehe

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