johnny and jenny

i dreamed about the young johnny and jenny from Endless Love awhile ago. in my dream, it was raining and jenny was inside a taxi, crying. johnny was outside, head bent down, soaking wet, topless and sortof bleeding . they weren't talking in korean but i don't understand what's happening. i think jenny was calling johnny to come inside cos it's raining. she won't stop crying. heh ewan ewan i'm not even sure if i was just watching from somewhere, or if i was jenny (pwede ba yun? you playing a different character in your dream?). when johnny came in, pinatahan nya si jenny. then another couple came into the scene, they saw j&j in the taxi. i think the other girl was jenny's sister from Cinderella's Sister. forgot the name e haha, the guy, ewan ko kung sino.

basta when they saw the two in the taxi, parang nagselos si girl. heh. basta. HAHAHA
ang gwapo ni johnny!

ok. ang saya lang magkacrush. >XD

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