goooood morning!

i just woke up! bwahaha! >XD magaaral na ko yey >:)

heh. there's always satisfaction in knowing you have something others don't and want to have. then there's pain when it starts to leave you, even if you weren't attached with it in some way. people value their possessions too much, kahit wala silang pagpapahalaga, basta alam nilang nandyan at kanila parin, masaya sila. people take pride in knowing that they have something (especially someone) who follows them even when they don't care.

ayon. me mga tao talagang concerned lang sa pagaari ng iba. ngayon, mas naiintindihan ko na yung mga kontrabida sa TV. for me their characters are more realistic, and they mirror human emotions better than the leads do. haha biased yata ako, ayoko talaga sa mga bida in the first place kasi fake sila. sila yung tunay na plastic, they're the ideal humans. yung mga kontrabida yung totoo. at panget sila, kasi ganon tayo.

me mga tao rin na gusto lang ang isang bagay for as long as it's wanted. hangga't may value (sa ibang tao), hahawakan nila. pag wala na, ididiscard. wala daw kasing thrill magmayari ng isang bagay na alam mong sayong sayo. people enjoy the thrill of the chase and take pride at being preferred. gusto natin na pinipili, at nanalo sa lahat ng comparisons. we hate being compared, but we secretly owe our entire egos to it.

nakakaiyak ang nangyayari sa Libya. i was listening to the radio about it and sobrang natakot ako. hindi na makatarungan. hindi na makatao. everytime i read news about it, kinikilabutan ko. nubato Lord? @_@;;

apparently, news says that the Libyan government refuses to return bodies to their families unless they sign an agreement saying they died of surgery. such fucking disturbing news. how can someone be so cruel? demonyo na to. demonyo na talaga WAAAAAHHH

then there's an order kill every protester using inhumane weapons. and there's no exception: men, women, children and the old, they're all on the list. everyone who go against fucking Qadaffi's orders are burnt on the spot. dfjvxkzlashlnsj;as

so much political unrest. this is the bloodiest fight for democracy i've ever seen. askldgjcvugxhcgf

end rant.

BTW. JM texted last night! WAAAAAHHH e wala lang, it's just about the book i lent him a day ago. he liked it. and i replied fast, for the record my dears. i replied fast like it's just a regular text, there isn't even a question in it but it's the type of text you know you have to reply to not because it's your crush, but because... because. bakit nga ba. because, it would sound awkard if i didn't? i mean, it was just a comment!! and i ended it with a next message. gaaaahn, i am such a potential-conversation killer. but i intended it that way (palusot) because i was studying! studies first! BWAHAHA so parang yung huling sinabi ko e "osya sige magbasa ka na" which of course translates to, "sorry but i have to end this! it's such a pain having to let go of this but i'm studying and you're disturbing me! if this goes on, it'll be unfair for you. piso per text ka, ako 50 cents lang."

yuuuck e bat a corny ko. bwiniset ko lang sarili ko. oyano, i'm making a fuss (again and again) over the smallest things.

BTW2. nakakabwiset kanina. minsan ok, minsan hinde. Lord, extreme tong taong to. meganon palang tao sa mundo. ang hirap pakisamahan. see, he doesn't care about the world, and correspondingly i'm sure the world doesn't care about him either. anubayan Lord, i asked for patience and he showed up. amen. at least kahit pano me silbi sya, patience-tester amp. gusto ko syang ibato sa ibang planeta but if that would spare his life for judgment day wag na lang! paki teleport na lang sya sa Libya! ok, wag na lang din baka sya pa sumunod na Qadaffi.

paki judge na lang sya. now na.
ok. joke lang. che. where is my patience. ~_~;

okok mag-aaral napo! 2am na eh! waha

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