i still wish you hell!

here's about the Youth Conference in IT (YCIT) we attended for 2 days. was lucky to get in for free! yey!

Day 1 (UP Film Institute):
this was a confusing day, there were two conferences happening at the same time at different auditoriums with different agenda! we knew where we're supposed to go but it seemed like the other audi was more lively. aw.

i was bored so every time a new speaker steps in, i draw their faces on my notepad and TRY to take down notes. interesting topics i found was the one about Open Source by Noel Feria, Teaching CS with Games by Mario Carreon, and Voice Acting by Pocholo Gonzales. got a couple of good OS software suggestions like FreeMind, Scribus and ClamWin HAHA why haven't i explored in the open source realm before?! anyhow, the Games thingy was every bit interesting as well! the speaker was like the epitome of a hardcore gamer. and ironically, his frivolous antics was flooding with knowledge. napaka geek! napaka interesante! ftw si Tank Ina, the Mother Tank. amp. the voice acting segment was my most awaited among all the lined up topics, simply because i wanted to be a voice actor but never got the chance/break to! it was impressive and inspiring! hahaha

then something bad happened AGAIN at work. bitchesss

yesterday night was also a super duper mega haggard night, err not exactly, but my network2 groupmates and  i stayed until 3am to finish our fucking network plan proposal. i wouldn't say job well done for the 3 of us, but for us to produce something in a jiffy and from scratch (3 company proposals), it was quite good. LOL as quoted from tumblr, DUE TOMORROW? DO TOMORROW.

Day 2 (UP Theatre):
Last day of the xth annual YCIT! haha, no interesting speaker. i guess it was because i slept too much during the talks. anyway, Antonio Trillanes spoke! nothing interesting LOL, i would have it if anyone from the audience asked something about politics, or the death of Angelo Reyes at that LOL but that would be veering from the topic, and you have to prepare your life for it. haha i went home early cos i fucking wanted to sleep already. so there.

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