yehey for selling my books! i just shipped the items awhile ago, hopefully my customers should get em by tomorrow or something. Grarrrr, they mispelled the name and address of my Gen San recepient! anyhow, i believe they have the necessary technology to verify that. otherwise i'm gonna hate 2G0... for awhile.

i hate you!!!! you keep on drafting meet ups but you never confirm, so we end up cancelling every fucking time. you know what, i'm always here! i'm just waiting for you! how hard it is to text? how dare you say you miss me when you never intend to show up in the first place? HOW.DARE.YOU. if you said you were coming the day before, i would've blocked the day. i wouldn't have to come up with some lame excuse to say i'm not available TOO just because i didn't want to sound like i'm looking forward to it, which i really am. fuck my pride, aye. if i told you i was waiting will you come?! I FUCKING DOUBT IT.

i can make things possible if you work with me. if you show your intentions, if you're sincere enough. i'm tired of waiting. i never expected anything of you because i knew there was nothing about you that could impress me any more than your words.


you can capture someone with your words for a while, but it takes action to make them stay.
i can't count the number of times this has happened. i seriously wanna cry right now.

i hate you. >:'(((((((
so much i want to quit being your "friend" and all.
err, i kinda just did.

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