happy valentines!

so while you guys go your dates, i'm online window shopping for bargain mp3 players LOL. @_@ i figured i would have to leave the 'touch' generation as i'm not one to tolerate delays. someone's keen on buying my phone so i have to like, scout for an mp3 player and camera soon! when my cookie's gone i'm losing an mp3 player, a recorder, fm tuner, and a decent day to day camera! @_@ WAAAAHHH PENGENG PERA PLEASE!!!!

i dunno. i'm just staring at my books with awe. i can't believe i'm 1 book short in completing the entire Paulo Coelho collection! just Warrior of Light. just that and i'm a certified Paulo Coelho fanatic. maybe i'm just a collector now, not exactly a reader LOL kasi tamad na ko magbasa lalo na kung di naman engaging yung storya. >:| pang flicks lang talaga utak ko. in short pang bobo? joooooke.

pera! pengeng pera!

donate at my paypal (yanibirog@gmail.com)! or just send me a 16gigs Creative Zen X-fi style. LOL

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