it's not like you really miss me do you? you're all text/chat/fb but no show. hehe but it's okay, we don't really always feel the urge to see someone just because we miss em do we? i mean, i miss a lot of my friends but i don't always show up. sometimes i get lazy but that doesn't mean i miss them less. or does it?  haha i dunno. my biggest setback is the occasional financial costraints plus the lazyness and sometimes that negative feeling that they don't really wanna see you back. gives me hell yknow.

anyhow. i hate people who don't show up everytime they say they will.
and this time i'm not gonna keep reminding. let's see if they actually have it in their minds to show up, for once. che.

guilty rin naman ako so i'm not in the perfect position to condemn. but when it's someone special, it hurts damn well.

i'm excited to go home. Kimi ni Todoke has over 40 seeders last night, and smartbro's really doing great so i finished the almost 5 gigs download in less than a day. thank you! but that'll have to wait! still have to finish Perfect Match and rewatch Zettai Kareshi.

Lord, i'm begging you for more space. MOOOORE space. please. >:(

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