Paulo Coelho the Complete Collection FINALLY!!!! >8D

i'm broke, so what the hell. when i got home i felt pretty bad that i swept off a large amount of money for this. so i logged on to ebay to list the bookset. LOL i'm selling it!!! since i got it on 10% discount i could sell it for less than the original price and still get profit, but as i list down the particulars i.e. the book titles, i figured hey, i've been wanting to reread the alchemist and veronika decides to die! i haven't read brida! they say devil and miss prym is a good read! the witch of portobello alone is expensive! I CAN'T AFFORD TO SELL THIS. not when my heart breaks as i put them on auction.

i may have lost money, alright, but i couldn't have gotten a better deal. i may be a bit regretful about this super impulsive purchase but i realized, i've been wanting to buy this all along! i just never thought it's gonna be on this day. so i guess it wasn't really an impulsive decision.

Lord, i need a bigger shelf! >8D
yehey! time to cover these babies! >XD >XD >XD

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