she annoys me, but.

every time we meet she never fails to brag about how much her boyfriend is jealous of the guys around her. all of her stories stress out how her man of x months is so possessive of her. i really wanna shut her off cos whenever i listen to her, i can only think that she only wants everyone to know that she has a boyfriend, when in fact NONE OF US FUCKING CARE. she reminds everyone she talks to that her boyfriend loves her so much and that he's so sweet and jealous and all the crap you swoon over in pajama parties. i never had a conversation with her wherein she failed to mention her boyfriend (or the fact that she has one) at least thrice. -_-; i mean, i know them both and have been annoyed by their presence countless of times but this is the time i shift my understanding to the lighter side. so uhm given that i've been thinking badly of her a couple of chances, i have to put my guilt-reducing mechanism to work and you know, try to look at the briiiight side!!! >8D

the way the girl brags about her un-braggable bf is sweet. she boasts about how her bf reacted when someone is allegedly flirting with her. basically she boasts about everything that makes her bf insecure. then i realized, this girl is proud of every little thing his boyfriend does for her. it gives her the assurance that he is, indeed, in love and wants to protect their relationship. and she wants to be constantly reminded of it. she wants us to think that she has a boyfriend who loves her so friggin annoying much.

she's proud that her boyfriend loves her. period.
(or maybe she's just too proud that she has a boyfriend. hah. joke lang. sarreh)

it may be the only thing she brags about regarding her boyfriend, but it's the one thing everyone's been reluctant to express, and she's not... because SHE IS SO SURE ABOUT IT. i never thought i'd come to this side of her annoyingness. haha pero diba? other girls are proud that their boyfriends are good looking, smart and sporty, but her boyfriend has none of that to boot, yet she talks about him with such pride like no amount of achievement could compare. how many girlfriends are like her?

hah hindi ako ganyan e. i always want to be impressed.

will sleep for awhile hehe >:D

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