that awkward moment where everybody sings you happy birthday and you don't know what to do!
-someone from tumblr

no, it's not my birthday but ever since i read about that thing on tumblr, i've come to observe celebrants more every time we sing them happy birthday. it sure as hell looked awkward!!!! BWAHAHAHA

that awkward moment where you accidentally touch someone's hand
-still from tumblr

bwahaha no i don't remember feeling that way with my regular friends (lol regular), maybe because i've never noticed if i've come in contact with someone's hand you know unless it's my crush or unless it was un-accidentally hehe. HAHA but i do remember, accidentally grabbing someone's arm because he startled me. hah. after the encounter i was, hey! i just held his arm for a moment. WAAAAAAHHHHHHH that's like, JM yaknoowwww. argh. i wish i could just shut up about him diba.

i may or may not be going to LB this friday. LOL sounds like a choice. i wanted to but i have class and work the next day and last time i checked i haven't been sleeping properly, idek if i'm stressing myself out. if stress == not getting enough sleep, then i am by all means, stressed. i don't really feel like the typical stressed person, though i may look like it cos i hardly fix myself. anyway, being stressed is an overstatement for me. i'd rather be called busy. haha

i've come to anticipate sunday afternoons less. before, it meant going to the mall after church and window shopping while waiting for my parents to finish their ministry. now it meant, dropping by the mall to commute home because i terribly need the afternoon to sleep. heh epal. then i'll wake up at night and start my day. >:| old habits die hard.

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