in relation to the previous post

i came across that entry at tumblr and thought it was cute! ♥ i consider myself a reader but i'm not sure that's enough ground to date someone. readers can become extremely disagreeable, they think they know it all, specially the writers, or those who think they are. plus they're grammar freaks. they can debug a sentence and return the errors. they make you feel dumb so that's pretty annoying. unless, you're a reader/writer yourself i don't think anyone will find that attractive. it's quite an overstatement that readers/writers make the most sensible partners. they're too engrossed in their alternate universes and forget where they stand. their perception of romance and princes are screwed, they idealize men too much and depending on how much they've read novels, they've probably dropped all expectations from men. the more they read, the more their ego grows and the more they think they're better than anyone else. you utter a word in the wrong context and they bash you mentally for incorrect syntax. readers are un-expecting idealists.

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