i dreamt about this. @_@

i freakin dreamt about this! not this but what just happened a few seconds ago! i was about to disconnect to sun broadband and thought, hey this scene looks familiar. after i cut off the connection, i recalled dreaming about this some time ago. then i saw the 'network cable unplugged' notif on the desktop.... then thought about april cos the usb stick is from her then i thought, hey! i thought of april in that dream too! and there was a taskbar notif! then i was so amazed that i just needed to blog about it, so i opened sun bro to reconnect and though, WHAT THE HEY in my dream i actually reconnected to the internet!!! mindblowwwwnnn

woa. this is weird! it's like realizing that you knew all along what's gonna happen, and that you only recalled it when it's already unfolding and there's nothing you can do. it's pretty useless and creepy. not the first time it happened but it's a bit different cos i remember in fragments and not in wholes.

that's as far as it went. wahaha coooool.

Lord can you stretch this? hahaha i wanna dream of something that's gonna happen in the future, and remember it like 5 minutes before it unfolds. kasi the longer the waiting time, the more doubtful it becomes. 5 minutes lang haha. ay wag na lang pala. scary. WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

what if every time you sleep, you dream of your entire lifetime in fragments? and that every time you wake, you step into a fragment of your dream but never realize it?

idunno! good night! will think about this tomorrowww >8D

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