keep calm and pretend it's okay

can i really do that? this week has been extremely busy, physically exhausting, and depressing! i actually got a fever this afternoon. then EIC kept calling about menial revisions for the school newsletter, nakakirita. seryoso. i mean, isn't it hard to edit ONCE AND FOR ALL??? is it enough excuse that no one's literate enough with photoshop? why do i put up with all this hassle? they figure a typo and call immediately for an edit, why can't you fucking spot all the errors, report em to me so i only have to edit ONCE and not every fucking 5 minutes?

then i keep getting stuck with "volunteer" work.
i wanted to sleep for at least 8 hours AT NIGHT. not in the afternoon cos it fucking disrupts my body clock (not that it was ever right to begin with), but i figured i may have mutated into a 2nd level zombie with the way i am more productive at night. ni hindi nga night eh, madaling araw. >:(



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