Band Romance

Feb 20, '11 - 12something AM

//just got home from Ding's to celebrate the birthdays of our feb babies michi, ding and KA pero wala si KA LOL so we had all the food for ourselves BWAHAHA plus rockband and bandhero na pareho kong first time natry. at sobrang saya pala nya! the wonders of play station. i never experienced any of it before! HAHA Band Romance, we're going big time soon!

//finally got my geek shirt kaso the size was too small argh! i think i ordered ladies large but they gave me kids 2xL. argh? and i was expecting it'd be my favorite shirt because i love the statement so much!

//good news? the 3 Paulo Coelho books i auctioned on ebay were ALL SOLD. O_O; they're duplicates to i gave it a low starting bid. Eleven Minutes got 16 freakin bids! >8D

//kinda bad news, the Metrobank ATM at PureGold fairview ATE MY BPI PAYROLL CARD. so i was like, wtf? so i asked the guards what to do and they advised me to call the Metrobank number. i did pronto, hoping that i'd still be able to save my card right away but unfortunately, processing takes 1 to 2 weeks (but my bet is 1 month), and i have to personally pick it up from their makati head office. i have an option to just have it replaced from its home branch which is just around the corner, it's faster and more practical than having to wait and go all the way to makati. BUT, i dunno. i think it's a good thing it happened? it means i won't be able to touch my salary for at least 2 weeks!

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