the problem with midshift

i'm done doing the graveyard shift finally! only a few days more before i go back to my default shift (daaaaaaay). for now i'll be doing the midshift (2pm-11pm or 3pm-12mn) for maybe 2 more days hehe striking em out cos i'm still not sure about my shift for the coming days! but at least, i'm out of the graveyard! haha

what i love about midshift:

- it saved me 50% of my daily budget. i realized that my parents usually go out for business after lunch, so there's my free ride!

- i'm getting 8 (or more) hours of sleep. homaygaaaas. this is very very rare. even if i go to sleep at 3am, i convulsively wake up at around 11am, way ahead of my alarm clock, and also my shift. and because i'm up early, i get to enjoy a full breakfast, a complete shower (HAHA), and still have time to help with the dishes (naks). what an achievement!

- and that's because my free hours were pushed to the start of the day so it was forcibly consumed by more sleep, and a longer prep time for work. when i'm in dayshift, my free hours are towards the end of the day... and i don't usually spend that by sleeping early (who does?) haha it's either by watching TV, or browsing the internet, or blogging, etc. never by sleeping early. i'm happy that because of this shift, i am able to sleep more! haha

but of course there's a con...

- i needed that time after office hours to work on my other projects (read: freelance), and it's hard that i can't find the time for it anymore (at least for now hehe). doing it in the morning is weird cos i'm just warming up my brain, plus, the feeling that you don't have enough time to accomplish anything discourages me from actually starting something. haha


oh well!

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