[Recipe] Microwaved Mug Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Thank you Nuffnang and My Great Food! <3
yesterday i picked up this uber heavy loot from Nuffnang! thank you soooo much! i won this as consolation prize for joining their San Miguel #MyGreatFoodIn15Seconds contest where i shared a super easy Nacho Salad recipe using select Pure Foods and Magnolia products. will post about it soon (uhm.. promise XD).

anyway, when i checked the bags, i instantly picked out Magnolia Devils Food Cake cake mix because ooooooh! it's the perfect chance to try making a microwaved mug cake! i've always been curious about it! XD

aaand i did! the last time i tried my hands on baking was when i was in highschool. i tried to make a banana cake for my friends but they confused it for some kind of a pudding so i realized naaaaah, not for me.

i do however, enjoy assisting my sister when she bakes cookies or tuna turnovers. i love messing with her doughs haha. XD

oryt, here's the super easy recipe. i did the batter last night, and brought it to the office cos we didn't have a microwave at home. haha 

- Magnolia Devil's Food Cake cake mix (150g)
- 3 eggs
- 1 cup water
- 1/2 cup oil
- Magnolia Vanilla Ice Cream 

everything's quite on the box you know! haha

- just mix everything except for the ice cream. if you have an electric beater good for you! but if you don't, ready a fork cos you're up for a good arm exercise! 

well, if you need more guidance on this part, what i did was:
- put the cake mix in a bowl
- add 1 cup water and mix thorougly
- when it's mixed well, add the 1/2 cup oil. it will gloss up to a pretty shiny fudge :3
- then add the eggs and mix altogether until it's in a very thick and shiny fudgey consistency. the batter's done!
- place some 2-3tbsp. of the batter on a mug and microwave for 2-3 minutes. :D
- serve with vanilla ice cream on top! or whipped cream! OR BOTH!!! <3

Microwaving tips (naks):
- the longer you microwave it, the harder the cake gets so make sure you don't over cook it if you want it mejo moist. mine was kindof dry and hard at the bottom. though it looks moist on the outside i gathered it's probably just the oil hehe
- as much as possible, put only 1 mug at a time. shared this with my officemates so we crammed 5 mugs in the oven. the result was, it didn't rise so much, but it was cooked fine naman. none of that round cute fluffy top though huhu.
- max the batter to 2-3tbsp. per mug, you don't want it to overflow and well, you need space for TOPPINGS! <3

that's it! very very easy and straightforward. just do the mix and microwave! best with vanilla ice cream so far! looking to make some other cake flavors like PANCAKES MAYBE? with whipped cream and maple syrup, or even blueberries. OMG i have to buy a microwave T____T

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