[Quick Test] Sony DSC-QX10

i came to Sony earlier to try out their DSC-QX10, an attachable lens-style camera that you can pair with your smartphone via wifi or NFC.

i've always wanted to try my hands on photography but didn't want to indulge on another gadget since my Z1 Compact pretty much has the aptitude for quality photographs. however, i wanted something that could come at par with entry-level DSLR's, which is compact and affordable at the very least. so when i learned about this attachable lens thing, i promised to test it out one day (after downloading Sony PlayMemories)... and today is that day!

anyway, here's a list of features (complete specs here), followed by my non-technical quick-test experience... cos i really just want to try it hahaha:
  • Sony G Lens with 10x optical zoom
  • 18.2MP EXMOR R CMOS image sensor
  • BIONZ image processing engine
  • Optical steadyshot
  • NFC and Wi-Fi
  • Bundled smartphone attachment
What i liked:
it's compact and semi-affordable if you didn't want to buy an actual DSLR. it retails at Php 10,999.00 and could be cheaper in online stores hehe. now, i wouldn't really say it's that affordable because i haven't any basis on how much normal DSLRs are haha

it has a rechargeable and removeable battery. you can hook it to a usb plug, or to a powerbank. :) it also has a microSD slot for storage. photos may be saved on the phone or on the lens' memory card, wherever you want. useful if you're just borrowing a phone and didn't want to eat its memory. hehe

the pictures are nice, sharp, and has excellent zoom quality. it also has a better auto-focus. here are samples i took from the miniature village at the showroom:

i'm really no photographer so i appreciate how it came out nicely, and better than what i took from my own smartphone which sports a 20MP camera: 

i find that my phone's captures are more exposed, and badly angled (but that's on me lololol)

What I didn't like
On speed

IT LAGS and that's a major major concern. it can become very frustrating specially when you're up for some candid shots. it lags when you zoom hard, and when you pan it across the room. THAT SUCKS RIGHT? the sales attendant told me it's due to wifi interference from the many PlayMemories-managed devices in the room. but i was skeptic. what if i wanted to buy everything in the room? or i'm in some PlayMemories club and we decided to shoot together? then we'll blow each other's receptions then? it can't. it can't be just that. haha 

On device pairing

pairing to a device over wifi is easy, you just have to supply a password (stickered on the battery flap) when your device detects it, then you're good to go.

pairing over NFC though, is easier! you just have to turn on the NFC on your phone and touch it with the lens, and voila! PlayMemories will launch and you're ready to go! near fields communication babyyyy! <3

but of course, i put this under the "What i didn't like" section, so here's the sad thing. I HAD TO REMOVE MY PHONE CASE for the NFC pairing to work. and that sucks. T___T; apparently, the case hinders my phone's NFC-ness huhu. i failed to validate if that was just a pairing issue though, i mean if i removed the case, pair it, then put it back again. that scenario. hehe

So, will I buy it?
Uhm nope. i was sold with the quality of photos but the lags are a huge letdown. :(

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