according to my mom, my crash diet plan didn't work because i got sick. actually, i didn't think it was the reason. i think... it's because i was bitten by a cockroach. in the gym. at the sauna. sossy ipis! hahaha :P yuuuuuuuuck!

last night was hell. i sure am good in finding ways of torturing myself. i reached 40 last night. everything i eat, i throw up so my throat bled. the headache was the worst part though.

anyway, even though i woke up hale and healthy this morning, i decided to skip school because i needed to rest. believe me, i didn't want to skip school. i just missed a quiz in webdev1, see? or maybe i didn't want to take it in the first place. wahaha!

tomorrow, i don't want to go to school either! it's like, if i skipped classes today, the MORE i'd like to skip classes tomorrow. i have FILIONE tomorrow which is the crappiest, most boring subject of aaaaaall time. and i have to endure 4 straight hours of it. i'd rather have a bleeding throat.

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