an exception to the rule

i'm feeling excited for no reason at all! atat yata kong iblog tong araw na to. i've called this one a day already since i have no plans tonight. so sige. hohoho

// i take back whatever i said about FILIONE. it's still a pain to go through an awful block of Filipino text but because my classmates are fun, i get by. i wish i was at the end side of our row so i could laugh more discretely cos it's hard to contain a hard laugh when i read something funny from the book. weird naman tumawa magisa e. k fine.

// i knew it! there's a guy in class na feeling ko nakita ko na dati but it never crossed me that way. parang, when i first saw him, naisip ko... not a new face for me, yet not someone entirely familiar either. so i dismissed the thought na lang. but awhile ago after class he approached and asked me where i studied highschool and gradeschool kasi daw familiar ako. so i was right. we've probably met before. will not stress about it though kasi hindi ko talaga maalala! and besides, it's a small world after aaaaaall. hohoho

// it's nice to have people concerned about you no? nakakatouch eeeeh. hehehe salamat friends! :) subra ba! hahaha!

// i learned/heard something about two of my friends today. hahaha i won't pry though! pag napadpad lang ang usapan don, sige. :) hehehehe

// yehey! i have a new lucky item! when a dear person gives me jewelries or accessories, i call it lucky! wahaha i have lucky earrings na! terai just gave me her fancy pearl earrings! yehey! i have 2 lucky items i wear everyday now! ung isa ung bracelet! hohoho :)

// aynako tlaga. overboard ka na pare. alam mo ung feeling na STUCK? alam mo yun?!?! alam ko yun e! AND I DON"T LIKE IT!!!! I FRKN DON'T LIKE IT THAT I FEEL STUCK!!!!

sige, hula! hahaha

PS: na-schedule ko na na hindi ako papasok sa 29, 30 at 31 eeeeh! tapos midterms pala. haynako! :(

PS2: Jastine's inclusion to the merge was EPIC WIN talaga to the highest level!!! sobraaaa! all the more na dapat abangan ang survivor philippines palau!

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