hahaha naks naman may shout out! :P

this day was... oks naman! sir paculanan says really inappropriate stuff, especially for a TEACHER, when he's angry. kulang na lang murahin nya kami e. lol

and mr. leech, yet again harrased me into giving my fckng source codes, even asked me to be his groupmate in case there'll be a group project in the future. course i rejected it, saying i'm already groupmates with this and this and this and this (i was lying). sorinaman! alam nyo ba, if i want to be friends with you, i'll ask for your name. and ftw, i'm not interested with his! wala rin akong pake sa number mo, ungas! it's not worth my css stylesheet. che! namaaaaan

i super miss UPLB campus!!! watching precious hearts romance - 'somewhere in my heart' makes me feel suppppper nostalgic! alam nyo yung feeling na parang hindi sya mukang tv series sayo kasi sobrang familiar nung place?! hahaha at ginawang college of business management ang DEVCOM?! witwiw!

awwww, leonard texted me awhile ago! that's rare! specially coming from someone who's not a 'text' person. pareho kami nyan e, magttext lang pag may kelangan replyan, batiin o tanungin.

oyun nga. anyway... cge. babayooooo. :)
i miiiiiiiisss LB suuuuuperr!!!

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