goooood morning!

i didn't go to school today because today is corpo shit day! :| really ruins my attendance but between looking for something to wear and sleeping the whole morning off, i'd rather do the later. and i had to lie to my parents about it, saying my classmate told me our teacher is absent so yeah. sorry. part of why i missed LB is that i don't have to lie to anyone if i don't want to go to classes. hmph.

last night, something came up. a design project... and i'm going to meet my 'client' later. i'm now getting paid for doing someone else's school project and it rocks. lol, when i heard the price i knew i had to close the deal already. between coding and drawing, i'm better at drawing (and i enjoy it more too) but coding is more monetarily compensating and because i'm running out resources for Christmas, i have to do... anything. :| WebDev1, you're becoming useful now.

potential ebay buyer is 50-50 cos he's still flooded (FU Ondoy!), if you'd like to help me out and buy my mp3 player, go ahead

my birthday is coming up too so you know, i'm now accepting all sorts of financial support/donations: 5577 5300 3163 4056 BPI E-Cash. it's anonymous don't worry. hahaha i accept whatever amount, pang kape lang sa Blenz solve na ko! 150! LOL

heeey, i'm also supposed to bring two of my friends to the gym today but i can't seem to contact any of them. whatever. i'm so in the mood to bring guests pa naman cos it's my last month at the gym. hahaha it's also my sister's rest day today so i have to like, dedicate this entire day to destress her... by going to the mall. hohoho


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