sinong puyat?

not me! hahaha i'm naturally a nocturnal person e. i'm most unproductive when the sun is up, kaya mega hibernate ako pag may araw. hohoho :P

i've been going in and out of my cousin's place these past few days. eh wala lang, gusto ko lang maki-gulo at maki-kain at bumili ng glowing lolipops dahil walang ganon dito. hahahaha!

awhile ago i met pastor Gideon. i was just picking up some chicken adobo when i heard him talk about being called to ministry and stuff, so na-intriga ako cos he seems like an effective person. e alam nyo naman ako, trying hard na marinig si Lord for real. kasi i always thought being called equates to being a preacher, something i don't see myself as! but i just learned na God can use us wherever he puts us. he knows naman our capacity and won't give us something we can't handle so wherever we are, wherever He puts us, the least we can do is to BE THERE. Not everyone is called to be a preacher diba? good news, cos it's not the only way to respond to a 'calling'. yehey.

anyway, antok na ko kaso sabi ng notes ko dito sa aking usb with the filename fck4.txt (ganyan talaga lahat ng notes ko lalo pag ayoko, fck1.txt, fck2.txt etc... hehe), kelangan ko pa daw mag-aral ng java dahil may quiz bukas.

i hate mondays talaga cos i always don't know what to wear (e wala nmn talaga akong pang corpo e), and because i still don't know what to wear. MAGJ-JEANS AKO! wala akong pake!

excited akong magkulay ng buhok! medium auburn! hohohoho! kinakabahan ako, baka masyadong light. wahahaha!

news! my sister still hates her job! :P but we've finally come around to a sound decision na sa january pa magttake effect. shempre ayokong nahihirapan sya, like heeeeell! so QUIT! :) the way i look at it, she's not meant for the job cos it doesn't suit her character. usually, an employee only has to live up and adjust to the demands of his/her work but when it hits having to compromise your personality, something you've established your entire life, aba it doesn't take a month to alter that. it takes yeeaaaaars. so QUIT! it takes the right environment to turn a job into a career. anywaaay, hindi nyo siguro to maggets di ko nmn knkwento yung nangyari e, ang mahalaga binagyan ako ni auntie gene ng maraming chocolates.

haha labo.
sige, java mode.
nakoooow, i hate java. hahaha

PS: some of my hs batchmates think i'm at ateneo. well, sorry. but at least they think i'm smart enough. lol

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