i just earned 500 bucks from doing that crap. sengihnampakgigi sengihnampakgigi i do hope it looks good... at least to you! ano?

on top of that, the item i was selling on ebay got 1 bid before the listing period ended. LOL so if you add mr. 50-50 buyer from before, that means i got two inquiries. i do hope one of them buys it. LOL

i don't even know why i need money. i just wanna get rid of my player na cos it's getting old? and err... i didn't really ask to get paid on the website project cos it's too easy for 500. i mean, i can do it for free lunch and tricycle fare. pero my friend just told me that his friend is willing to pay for it so.. shempre, game. kenyitkenyitkenyit na-guilty tuloy ako henako! nangih

anyway, i've seen bigger rates. makes me wonder what makes this job so compensating. o sabagay, even a pro designer would sit for hours perfecting a blog layout. i personally think that the most crucial part in web designing is the designing process itself. once you have a design layout, coding is a breeze. i spend more hours designing than coding kasi e haha.

whew! this makes one heck of a good sideline.

neeeeeews! yehey! may crush na ulit ako sa wakas! hahaha ;P
someone from school. :) ah, pero mas crush ko parin si sir erik. forever ko na yatang crush yun.

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