the sweetest dream

just so i won't forget about it.

we were having lunch with a bunch of friends at LB square when he started talking about us, about how he wished i wasn't too independent so i could feel how much he cares for me. he said sometimes he thinks he's not good enough for me cos i can do anything without anyone's help at all. he said he wanted to be my guy. he also said i'm almost like a mother, always concerned about the people around me, that if i were a guy i would be the perfect gentleman.

then my mom woke me up for breakfast.

i could only hope it happened for real, but it was only a dream! i've never been than flattered in my entire life. can i cry? and it came from a guy i was crushing on... before. same old feelings rushing back in.

my entire body hurts, i may not go to the gym today. wahahaha
k bye, off to MoA. haha

[ETA: i don't think most of what he said were true though. hahaha i don't like being called a gentleman cos that's for, duh, men. i'm only more careful with my girl friends and younger friends, cos you know, they're girls...and they're young. yeah, whatever, thanks. hahaha but it doesn't change the fact that i was flattered like hell and also considered being 'his girl'. sucks it was only a dream!]

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