no new artwork, no new layout. i feel so unproductive.

i'm so sleepy, in fact i fell asleep during mathlog awhile ago. i only slept for 3 hours last night (or this morning) because of the freakin filione project and homework. haha, bat di kasi gawin ng maaga?! nyeeee

and right, i sooooo want to sleep but my most coveted activity has to be delayed for a few more hours cos i have to help my neighbors with their high school project. waaaaaaaah. i just want to sleeeeep.

the kids from down the road like me. :) and now they want to go here every saturday to play and have bible study. how can i refuse???

perhaps the bad thing is that, these kids... these 1 2 3 4 kids i have to attend to when they come here are most hyperactive during the afternoon. and that's exactly the time of the day you won't find me awake. haaaay

mr. crush and i now have a common friend, so i'll stop talking about him to prevent spilling the beans. and besides, i think i'm more interested in finding out where we've seen each other before cos we're both familiar to each other. maybe the height wins it all, 6'1'' or something. sadly, i don't think he's smart. >:|

dabern's sisig is the best sisig i've had so far! it's the type na mapapa-kanin ka sa sarap!!! >:| hohoho 2 rice ako today! yeheeey! :D :D :D

wahaha, alam nyo ba. i had burong mustasa as midnight snack kagabi dahil wala akong makain hahaha. saraaaaap!

oks, my friendly neighbors are here na! :)

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