day 2 and 3

i feel sick. crash kung crash.

i bet all my fats this isn't the right way to lose weight. lol
somehow, my only motivation in the gym is the sauna! hohoho yeah it dehydrates me for the most part but it's a place where i get to burn fats without moving much. and gracious, i also get a free hot oil treatment for my hair (hot oil conditioner lang!). the treats, man. wahahaha

you know what, i hope my PT crush isn't always present in the gym. it makes me conscious like crazy. have i told you he smiled at me one time, and another time he winked at me? i was like 'ohkaaaay hormones, calm down. calm down. this richard gutierrez looking buff isn't gonna melt you into a puddle of slime. whew!' lol, that was like... 4 months ago. hohoho!

kkk, blah blah blah, and that was day 3.
oh yeah, i also happened to watch lovers in paris awhile ago and piolo pascual looked so good in glasses! i totally find kc concepcion unfit for the role, she's so exaggerated and pa-cute. sorry, but her acting spoils my day. hahaha piolo in glasses is so ♥ ♥ ♥

about day 2...
nothing much, really. haha

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