i miss

- budgeting my weekly allowance to cover everything from the fare, the food, the rent and the bills
- dressing like trash and going to school without taking a bath cos i just got up from an unsuccessful all-nighter with Leithold and Casio
- drinking with my classmates after a dreadful exam
- oversleeping and waking up 3 hours past my last class
- sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, taking out the stinking trash
- having someone do the quiz-attendance for me when i don't feel like going to class
- drinking while doing a Physics project, it really brings out our mechanical prowess
- laughing with my housemates
- taking midnight food trips, minstop hershey's sundae! chillz!
- proben, isaw, scramble
- Janges cheeseburger and large choco-banana shake XP
- Astra's enormous anime series database
- the long walk to IRRI cafeteria
- the 'yabang' factor when you say to the jeepney driver, "sa engineering po"
- wearing engineering shirts and org shirts
- having a T-square on my shoulder hahaha
- being venerated because of my course and my school
- attending GA's cos they're fun
- Melville's corned beef + rice + hot choco
- kuya Donat's iced buko
- eng'g meet! cheering! mr & ms!
- LB Square, specifically the one who sang for me on my birthday at Big Dad's. wahaha
- DVDs at Robinson's hahaha
- HM Cubao!!!! :(
- Dionne's salon! haha
- semestral crushes

and the list goes ooooon and oooooon...
not that i wish i was back you know, i still wouldn't trade what i have now to what i had back then hahaha. i just missed having an apartment, living on your own, budgeting for yourself, tending to the house and stuff, receiving monthly bills -- electricity and water, blah blah, they make me feel so independent. LB gave me the type of independence i'll be banking on for real life.

i don't feel like going to school tomorrow. corpo shit. xpasti

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