bucket of fries!!!!

a day full of fries!

i skipped my second class to pay for the midterms. :P

// i actually planned to get home early cos my sister has a job interview at makati, shempre ako naman i volunteered to be her PA again! wahaha, alam na. :P weeeeeeeeell... my sister's job interviews are the only times i get to continue my artworks na sobrang inaamag na... hehehe
so in short, natapos ko yung part 3 of 20 ng aking so-called "staedtler triplus fineliner series" na lalabas in probably a year or two cos i'm so sloooow and unmotivated and i keep on running out of black ink. henako.

// i learn a lot talking to my sister. i learn by listening to her rants and whines and her experiences. i learn by analyzing what's best to do. i learn by giving advice. parang ang daming alam e no? hahaha pero di nga, everything i know about life is based on 40% hands-on and 60% second-hand experiences (books and people). >_>;

// so ang haba haba haba haba ng nilakad namin! isang malaking paltos na nga tong mga paa ko eh. >_< and for awhile i thought i was in ortigas kasi sobrang pareho lang ng itsura. eh ngayon lang ako napadpad sa mismong "business area" ng makati eh. hahaha

and theeen, ang dami dami dami dami dami dami ko nanamang kinain! puro nga fries eh, jollibee, mcdo, kfc. odba. haynaaakooo

// my batchmates are calling out a GRADESCHOOL REUNION. parang trip ko yan! hahaha but not really cos it's been too long and i guess i'm only interested in seeing how they look after hmm, 8 years. hahaha and i pretty much don't like telling people how FAIL my college life is, and you know, you can't get away from talking about that, especially when they all think i'm UP there. haha

// haaaay, masaya ako ngayon kasi nakita ko yung crush ko!!! yehey! and ftw, sya nauna mag-wave! hahaha whatever! ang babaw!!! pero di nga, mas gusto ko sya pag naka-uniform...mas muka syang matangkad. hahaha :P

// ayoko magaral! goodnight!

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