look what i found in the mail today! :P

no, it's not my adsense earnings (wish ko lang!). the mail contains important account information for the payment procedure. and no, i don't have enough earnings yet. heck, i put down the ads two months ago eh. hehehe i guess i only have $10.00 since i removed it.

but this letter is making me think twice!!! hahaha
i've long been wanting to monetize my blog, but not this one cos it's personal. i'll probably make a separate blog designed only for adsense. whatever goes. i remember sir monses telling me about MFA (made for adsense) blogs before, and i got inspired since he's the first person i know (personally) who earns from adsense. hahaha

seriously, i got excited when i received that letter! i think it's the first letter i received from outside the country hehehe, bongga! :) GOOGLE! hahaha

// awhile ago was suuuuper fun! i had a great time with my friends! happy birthday kim! hahaha

// i kinda have to wake up suuuuper early tomorrow cos larz, michi and i are going to register at comelec! hahah goood luck sa pila! :P

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