jingle bells, deadline bells...

oooh... thankfully i'd be working on just one deadline and that's our reading report due tomorrow. oh well, i just can't start using the computer without knowing i still have remaining internet hours. i mean, that's one major cause of my procastination but it's better than not having the urge to start the computer at all.

finally, christmas shopping done. look at that, my mom gave me 500 bucks... ONLY. for me that's okay. i listed down all the people i'm giving gifts this christmas and they're all 24. okay okay, it might sound big to you (or small even) but i managed to spend only half of my money for all of them. :D

hehe. i'm sooo saving my money for something else so i just bought mini toblerones for all them because... they're on SALE! hehe... i bought two packs...

unfortunately, i opened the first pack.. took one and by impulse finished the whole thing bit by bit... =(

tip: the cheapest gift shop i can recommend to you is Papemelrotti. the cheapest item i saw there is worth 4.25 =) it's a mini tear-on calendar. of course you won't give that as the whole gift itself... you might also want to add some more stuff like notebooks and planners...
you see, they use recycled materials so they don't cost too much. it's even cheaper than you think it is. =D

while in the mall, my sister and i sat on the foodcourt to rest when suddenly, the lights went off. there was a blackout and the people were screaming. i wasn't scared because there's nothing to be scared of. the first thing i did was call on to my sister... then the lights went back probably because of the generator...
then all things went back to normal. i was surprised with myself, i didn't buy anything else except for the gifts. on our way to the mall i was already imagining my peppermind mocha frappe when i suddenly remembered that if want my starbucks, i have to use my own money... grr.

ok. still have to meet the deadline.
frick! i haven't done the revision of my artworks! grrr... this is too much.

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