an interview with myself

just like all the others who have claimed to have a split personality (severe case: schizophrenia (i wonder if i got the spelling right)), i am also fond of talking to myself...

sounds crazy?
hah! admit it! you're just like me!


how's melodia?
- pretty stupid for a first question.

so, how does it feel claiming 'crimson freak'?
- nice. it sounds just like me.

how did the fair go?
- pretty muddy. a lot of boring and idle moments. and also a couple of too-good-to-be-true encounters.

what's your xmas gift for your parents?
- i burned a retro cd for them. gave it awhile ago. mind you! i made a CD label and a CD cover! too much effort exerted just to find out it doesn't play in all sorts of players. frick!

-they're kinda overwhelmed. they started dancing in a very weird manner. something i want to capture on a videocam and play repeatedly, for laughter's sake. i call it the 'alienated afro dance'.

how does it feel burning a cd?
-what? it's not my first time you know. but it is my first time burning in a different burner.. like you care?

of course i do, you asked me to ask you in the first place?
-ugggh. get out of here.

you know i can't...
- and why not?

come on, if i get out, you get out too.

let's stop this. next question...

what's the best xmas gift you've recieved so far?
-hmmm. i love everything everyone gave me especially that i found them useful. but perhaps, the best is.... $$$$$$. hehe

most recent movie watched?
-2 fast 2 furious. cool. \m/

next movie to be watched?
- don't know. my mom's braggin about 'exodus' (she likes bong revilla) so i think we'll watch that too.

any good news?
-oh, i'm back in avon business. =D

why do you love money a lot?
- i don't love it, i need it.

er.. lovelife?
- 75 dpi. 32 bit. black and white.

who's the best looking man you've seen so far?
- not sure. maybe ryan philippe.. drools.

what're you going to do tomorrow?
- good question. i'm onto a catholic church to clean. cl project. i just can't bear doing it by myself. can you imagine me cleaning our church? mehn... i'd be dead just thinking about it.

heh. i'm tired.
i want more of naruto!!!!! XD
yaoi mode.

KA!!! - please don't forget the gravitation cd! :D luv you!

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