college dilemma

we had our career orientation awhile ago...
well... most of the time it's boring and the only thing that caught my attention aside from the videos was FEU's speaker...
he's a good speaker... and i was really convinced to study there... unfortunately it's too far and even though there's a much nearer branch in our place... the course i want isn't there...-_-;;

now this is my goal... I MUST PASS UP! and i will... because i only have to will it and study hard and God will do the necessary steps... he can write my name on the list of incoming freshmen beforehand, or he can turn my wrong answers to right then i'll pass, or he can whisper to me the right answers while taking the UPCAT... you know God has a lot of ways to let me pass but in order for him to grant my request i have to have enough FAITH to carry myself till the end...

i always say that to myself... have faith!

back to the talk...
here are the schools who kind-of tried to encourage us in joining their campuses...
miriam college
far eastern university
centro escolar university
college of the holy spirit
university of asia and the pacific
college of culinary arts
[tomorrow there'll be another talk so that's not the final list...]
did i forget something?

anyway... they tried, but most of them i found unnerving and discouraging so i striked their schools off my vocabulary of potential future-campuses and waited for a school worthy of an arianne birog... (haha.. yabang!)

so there... feed yourself with my floccinaucinihilifilificatious (that's a real word! except that i made it n adjective!) rants.


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