lazy me...

the time is... 5 minutes to nine, and still no progress with my schoolwork!
damn... why do i have to procastinate that much! it's becoming a habit na... grr... i have to stop this...

anyway.. hay, rumors says a lot of people will die in HP6... not bad, as long as it's not harry, draco, dumbledore or lupin!
i mean... take pansy bitch, whinny ginny, greasy snape, evil voldemort (of course!), malicious lucius and all the not-so-outstanding supporting characters who didn't break a leg in any of their appearances...

grr... i'm too excited to read... kaso i have to wait pa... y'know... no money eh! i'd rather borrow than buy kasi it's more practical, plus oftentimes naman i don't read a book over and over again...=)


meehnn... i'm getting tired of my AVON sideline. it's nice to think na at this young age, i'm earning na (yak! ano to lifetime job?!)... e kasi di ako binibigyan ng allowance eh... -_-;; kaya kelangan mag ipon! haha...

ayun... so. cge gawa po ng palancas for my sandiwa friends. =)
LoL.. talagang hindi siningit ung homeworks!

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