Life lately and I'm doing the Master Cleanse again! Char

I told myself I'd go undertime (again) today because I've been wheezing like crazy (allergies) and my eyes can't take it anymore, but oh well, BUGS!

So while waiting for my scenario to run until the 10 minute mark, let me blab about random things that's been happening lately.

I'm doing the Master Cleanse again
Haha, after swearing I won't be doing it anymore because it's not for me, here I am enduring an 80% (cos I still snack) liquid fast for the sake of losing weight. And in fairness, it's kindof working. I started Monday night during work, and when I woke up Tuesday evening, I'm down by 2 lbs can you believe it. I don't, but it's nice to see the scale budge below 150lbs! My second day was not as good, cos I ate more and even had rice, but heyyy I still woke up a pound lighter. I almost didn't want to eat anything after seeing this much progress, but anyway, as if I could.

I'll try to keep my weight below 150 this week. TRY.

Wish me luck! And oh, I'm not doing a hundred percent master cleanse actually. I drink Herbalife shake (with oats, frozen banana, and yogurt) for breakfast and dinner, and master cleanse in between. :D I'm also too lazy to workout this week, so this is purely diet. Lord help me!

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 11 - the turning point

This is probably my favorite episode of SHR because so many things happened:
  • Hae Soo was accused of assassinating the prince and was put on a death row
  • Everybody knows she's innocent and that the evil Queen Yoo is the real culprit, however, nobody has evidence pointing to her, so the bitch continues to live
  • Sexy prince Wang So shows his unwavering devotion to Hae Soo by protecting her in ways he can, defying every royal order there is because he's that badass. And sexy. For some reason his scar remained concealed despite not having Hae Soo to do his makeup. Perhaps he's finally learned to do it on his own!
  • Poor prince Wang Wook was torn between protecting Hae Soo and losing his family or the other way around, but in the end chose the latter because he was pretty much manipulated into it by his scheming sister princess Yeon Hwa.
  • Court Lady Oh died in Hae Soo's stead after admitting that she was actually behind the assassination. Again everybody knows they're both innocent but the bitch Queen is unbelievably crafty in hiding her trails.
  • The King has lost his one true love (Court Lady Oh) ang everybody knows it. Serves him right.
  • Hopefully, Hae Soo should come to her senses that Wang Wook is not his prince charming anymore and that she better accept Wang So's feelings and live happily ever after with the prince that would fight for her.
It was a totally devastating episode for me. I cried so frkn hard when the bell tolled signaling Court Lady Oh's death (by hanging). I'm also so anxious for the next episode but that's a week from now pa so, aaaargghh.

Effin curious about Stranger Things

I'm a big scaredy cat, I can't handle horror movies so I guess a series would do me worse. Is it really as scary as the reviews say? I think what I'm really afraid of are jump scares and ghosts, but oddly Stranger Things seem more sci-fi than horror. Is it? I want to watch it (but preferably in the daylight and with someone)!

On another note, I was able to survive watching Train to Busan. Yey. I must've been spoiled too much or I'm getting better at watching scary movies.

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