Condo Hunting: Zinnia Towers North EDSA

I didn't want to share this until I've bought a unit naaaks but I realized that day will never come (read: can't afford) lol so here you go. Zinnia Towers is a condominium project along north EDSA by DMCI. This is by far the best condo development I've seen, maybe because we're at the actual property and not in mall showrooms? Ewan, basta ang ganda. haha

First, amenities. I made this video na super effort cos the original video was so shaky I had to stabilize it using Youtube's video editor and post process it again to keep the intro frames stable kasi.. basta basta. Enjoy!

We came here maybe a month ago because... bakit nga ba. I like looking at properties haha.

What I love:

Location: It's along EDSA but it's far from the actual highway cos there's a long driveway to the property. It's near wet markets (Munoz and Balintawak), a supermarket (Walter), and malls (SM North EDSA and Trinoma). That means food. I can totally live here.

Units and pricing: They have larger cuts at a more competitive price point. Well, that's compared to the current one we're paying. The pre-selling rate of a 40sqm 1-BR unit at Zinnia is equivalent to a pre-selling 24sqm studio at Avida. Juskolord the difference. And I thought we got the best deal already. Property noobs.

Amenities: They have a fully functioning pool area which is so beautiful. Lap pool check! A gym is also close to being finished. That's all they have for now but as the second tower is finished, the land in front of it will also be turned to a recreation area. According to the agent, it depends on what the homeowners decide on. I hope it's a badminton court!

They have a lot of open space for lounging and the entire place is very well ventilated. You'll be blown away everywhere you go. Sobrang hangin. Beats me how they made it so airy.

Pathways are also present across the entire amenities area for those who want to take a jog/walk.

But what really won me is the building layout: it's open. You walk out of your unit and you'll be facing a balcony, not a wall. Every 5th residential unit is home to an atrium where more air can seep through and ventilate the entire building. I think it's genius, they don't have to spend on cooling the hallways.

The roofdeck is also home to more lounging area. It's well designed and entirely usable.

View from the roof deck

Haaaay what an exciting place!

Every model unit I see excites me. I walk in, check the layout and imagine the furniture I'll put inside. I check the provisions, the bare deliverables, the tiles, the outlets, the type of door, the windows, etc. Haaay, ang sarap tumingin ng bahay no? haha

Loooord, when is IKEA Philippines opening? I want my own Scandinavian themed house!

Anyway. In case you want to check it out, just... go. Haha. Here's a map. The first tower has just been turned over this May so only a few units are left. The second tower is scheduled to be ready for occupancy by December next year, but we all know it's gonna be delayed to a million years later. You know developers. (HAHA funny how it also applies to software developers HAHA) Maybe you can still get a couple of good units there.

If I read the forums correctly, before DMCI acquired the property, the site was shaded red on Project Noah's flood monitor during typhoon Ondoy. I hope the property managers have looked into it!

Either way, I'm still sold on this property haha. Are you? :))

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