Life lately and my KDrama obsession

If you haven't watched any of these feel free to skip, if you intend to watch sorry but there will be spoilers. I'm pretty much just gonna pour out all the feels I have with these amazing dramas. <3

W Two Worlds
It's almost finished now! For the most part I enjoyed it, especially the first half before Kang Chul woke up from his dream. But after that I'm having a hard time piecing the romance between the two. 

Unpopular Opinion #1: It seems like Kang Chul is desperately trying to make it up to Yeon Joo just because he confirmed that he was her lost husband. Whatever happened to his own feelings? Was he even remotely interested with her when they first met after he woke up? It feels like Kang Chul was never really attracted to her after the dream but convinced himself there has to be something about her after reading that his webtoon self was so fond of her. If anything, he was just curious so he decides to court her to see for himself. Nothing wrong with that right? It just didn't feel so genuine. I wasn't kilig. Bleh.

Unpopular Opinion #2: Han Hyo Joo's (Oh Yeon Joo) acting is weak. Sorry, but let me google her facial expressions to drive a point,

It's the same frkn expression all the time. If not neutral, her face just looks surprised and befuddled every time I see her, and don't even get me started with "shouldn't you feel the same if you're on her shoes?", YEAH but not always. The drama presents confusion, anger, happiness, and fear in so many levels and so far she has only succeeded in looking confused.

Unpopular Opinion #3: The plot is unique and different and drives us crazy sometimes but at some point it became too unpredictably boring. I can't explain, but let me say that just because the story is unpredictable doesn't mean that it has a lot of twists. There is no twist in this story, just pure unpredictable resolutions that doesn't really add to the wow factor of the plot. I felt like there were a lot of variables being added to the story just so Kang Chul could properly close the conflict between the two worlds without being cast out as a main character, because then he would cease to exist. 

I probably just don't understand the whole concept they're trying to pull. What I did like though is the idea that the W webtoon is merely a bridge between two worlds, in which the artist is able to control a character by drawing it out, explains why there was so much resistance in Kang Chul's part when he was being killed out of his own series. But that's just stupid... I still have so many questions lol. 


Love in the Moonlight
The main characters are sooo friggin adorable and perfect for each other. This reminds me so much of Sungkyunkwan Scandal but LITM is tons cuter because the two main characters look super good together, and it's so nice to see Kim Yoo-Jung grow up to be such a pretty girrrrll. Last time I saw her was at Moon Embracing the Sun. She hasn't changed! :)

I don't know how possible it is to fake your way into the palace when it comes to your gender unless you're a super buff girl with abnormally high testosterone but it's funny having to think these men were fooled into thinking such a cutie patootie lad like Hong Sam Nom is actually a guy. Well, dramas. 

This series got me soooo frustrated every time there's a potential kissing scene that doesn't unfold because duh the crown prince has not come to terms with his apparent gayness yet. We'll see in the future episodes though. Is it that easy to develop an unusually soft spot for a friend just because he looks like a member of the opposite sex? 

Now the conflict will always be the same. If you were the crown prince and you find yourself falling in love with your personal eunuch, questioning your sexual preference along the way, getting stressed out because maybe gays are taboo in ancient Korea and you might just be facing a potential dethronement... then you learn that the object of your love, confusion, and stressed innards is actually a legit woman... would you be angry first or relieved? 

KDramas have always played around with the same plots ever since but somehow they manage to pull it off. Never mind that the story is unoriginal, putting new characters on the table is enough to bring it a new light. At least we get a new chemistry to observe.

Cinderella and the Four Knights

Perfect example of recycled plots. Sorry, not entirely hehe but it is similar in a lot of ways to Boys Over Flowers. Or maybe that's because Ahn Jae Hyun acts like Lee Min Ho, which I could only account to the fact that Jae Hyun is married to Ku Hye-Sun who played Guem Jan Di in BOF, so naturally he would seek for advice on how to play the role. IDEK if that follows.

Anyway. I started off rooting for the second male MC which is Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyun), but right now i'm jumping ship to the first male MC because his character is starting to be nicer haha. That's all. It's a pretty light watch with a very very annoying second female character who (aside from having a poor actress in its cast), OF COURSE, is obsessed with love triangles, placing herself wherever there's a guy and a girl and no other girl in between. Sobrang landi diba. Grr.

Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam) just grows on you. I'm starting to like her character better! :D

I must admit I was dead hooked on this series when it started but right now, it's kind of dawning on me how immature and silly their characters are, and that there's not really much to expect from the story. That or I'm just too immersed with period dramas that I can't take a breather with shallow story lines right now.

Okay, last but not least to complete my life lately...

Moon Lovers; Scarlet Heart Ryeo
There's just so much eye candy in this drama, nevermind if I don't approve of IU's acting. She can be cute sometimes. I've made several screenshots of the 4th and 8th princes faces and is close to building a shrine dedicated to worshiping their uhm faces. Their acting is so real, specially Kang Haneul (Wang Wook): his expressions, his eyes, even his jawline lol it's killing me. Which is why I'm torn between shipping Hae Soo with the 8th prince or the 4th prince. There's just so much emotion in Wang Wook I can literally feel his struggle fighting his feelings for Hae Soo.

This series is just oozing with sex appeal. Who cares if the guys are basically covered in layers of traditional clothing and sport long hair and skirts all the time, whenever they draw their swords I swoon and suddenly become ready to face death. Kidding.

Grabe lang how my insides are squealing whenever there's a romantic scene OMGEHHH. Arg. Watching on-going series like these spells torture to an avid fangirl like me. I can only rewind the previous episodes and screenshot like crazy. Arggg.

Currently waiting for episode 6 to be uploaded somewhere...

Ah yes, that's about how my life is lately.

How you doin?

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