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why do i feel like i'm missing a lot here now? i miss not having a hold on my thoughts. you know, thinking of something and blogging asap about it. i'm a forgetful person and my blog has served me well as a remembrall of the many emotions and ideas i have spontaneously dumped over time. i still get a lot of those must-blog-about-this-asap moments but for the most part these days, they're always put on hold. and for the indefinite time they remain unexpressed, my interest dies, my mojo leaves. for me that's a sad thing. i don't usually care if i write stupidly or blog about nonsense cos in the first place i'm not writing for anyone. i just want this blog to remain alive and personal and, and, spontaneous! recently... my blogging life has become so... lame. sooo lame that i'm writing down a list of my pending blog posts:

1. losing my "me" time
this is the drama i miss doing so much. held in draft for about a month now
2. Lenovo P700 review
srsly, by the time i get to this. the unit's already phased out haha
3. LoadXtreme (VMobile) versus LoadCentral (Uniwiz)
i'm planning a complete unbiased comparison of the two, being someone who has tried both. >:)
4. Les Miserables "reaction post" cos i aint a movie critic 
5. LoadCentral retailers guide
i wanna make my own FAQ of some sort specifically catering to MY retailers. not that they're growing steadily in numbers but because i'd like to keep an archive of information they could refer to (instead of emailing them hehe)

i also want to organize my blog, like re-categorize my artworks and put a submenu for "Works" like Blog/Web Design, Digital, Drawings, Promotional and blah. hay i really really don't know how to make time for this.

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