turtle power!

i used to watch this when i was a kid! leo, mikey, donnie and raph; four fictional pizza loving anthropomorphic creatures named after popular renaissance artists, trained in the art of ninjutsu by their mutant rat sensei called Splinter, living in the storm sewers of New York City and battling crime and evil... that's the teenage mutant ninja turtles for you! As a child, every cartoon i watch was taken seriously. every battle stressed me, every villain unnerved me, and every victory was heaved with a sigh of relief! this was no different, i watched this along with my other childhood "friends", the power rangers, 5 man, jet man, masked rider and they never failed to entertain me. haha

it's not surprising to note though that ninja turtles started out as a comic book before hitting international fame and being adapted to different media streams and other forms of merchandise. the very first tmnt comic was published by Mirage Studios in 1984. with the team's effort in expanding their merchandise opportunities, they went from comic books, to action figures, toys, animated series, live action series and even film features! these turtles have truly marked this world! and even until now, their ongoing animated series from nickelodeon is continuously garnering positive feedback from its usual fans and of course, the kids!

turtle power! >XD

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