practicing good citizenry

any good citizen would not waver with his national responsibility to pay his taxes accordingly. i never really cared about taxes even when i started working. that's until i was deducted a relatively BIG amount, then i researched. apparently, tax deductions depend on the salary range you received for a particular cutoff. basically, the higher the salary, the bigger the tax. and it so happened that it's our "bonus" month so the huge withholding tax cannot be helped.

for employees, it may not be a hard thing to file for tax returns. usually, the company will do it for you and will just deduct it from your allowance. but for self-employed people or for those in the company in charge of managing tax returns for its employees, it may come off as a big pain in the ass. there are a lot of things to learn about taxes and it's very important to be well acquainted with them. after all, your money is being used as a vital part of nation building so better know the ins and outs of taxation. if you want to learn more about the seemingly dragging but ultimately necessary world of taxes, you can read more information here.

luckily, one doesn't need to look further in order to find help in organizing tax related forms and issues. there are various consulting firms out there ready to take in any of your questions. but for the lazier (or more resourceful) ones, the internet is overflowing with guide to taxes, you just have to know what you're looking for.

alas. don't forget that however big it may be, our taxes are part of what builds our nation and it is our utmost responsibility to pay them well.

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