The Invisible War

i was browsing the net searching for good movies to download and read about this movie called The Invisible War. i was intrigued cos it was listed on the top 100 movies of 2011 on rotten tomatoes. reading on, i learned that it was a documentary film exposing the ugly truth about the condition of a considerable fraction of women serving in the US military, and the uglier truth about how the authorities respond to it. 

there were no re-enactments, just a pure coverage of interviews and blah and a whole lot of appalling stats that would surely rattle anyone's mind. in the film i learned that women soldiers are more likely to die being raped by her fellow soldiers and commanders than from an open fire. and up until now, no justice was served right for the few survivors who chose to file a report against their perpetrators. why? because the military is governed by a justice system entirely different from civilians, and complaints like this go through their very own chain of command. in short, the justice they're seeking for must come from the same people who abused them. and it's the very reason why these cases all end up being swept under the rug.

idunno, i was bothered! things like these easily get to me. imagine these women who spent years training in full force and discipline, all in the hopes of being a soldier in order to serve their country with honor, only to get their dreams crushed by the very nation they serve. what a disgrace. this is crazy, if this is happening in the US, what more in other countries? grarrr

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